So, yeah, the headline pretty much says it all: is now live. It’s pretty basic stuff right now: Links to a bio, this blog, my Charlotte Observer blog (which I’ll resume when I finish this fellowship), my Observer column page (ditto), plus a few of my favorite stories.

I’ll be adding stuff along and along — some photos, maybe some video, some setlists from concerts I’ve been to over the years. Let me know what you’d like to see, and what you think about the site now — if anything looks weird or doesn’t load right, let me know. Any mistakes are mine. All the good stuff is because of the great and wonderful Margo Posnanski, who designed the site and would love for you to go say hi on her blog.

In the meantime, here is a sign of the Apocalypse: Someone has created a fan page for me on Facebook. I am grateful and flattered and appreciative. But I think this means the locusts are coming.


One thought on “Announcing

  1. Congratulations on your website! I am a big fan of your, Mr. Tomlinson, and miss your columns in the Observer. I hope you are enjoying Harvard (I can totally believe it!) and can’t wait until you return to Charlotte (you have left a void at the Observer). So, I visited your website and here’s my comment….how do we comment without posting a comment? I am assuming you don’t want emails and would rather your readers post comments? I vote for an email address. That’s my two cents. And the locusts are not coming…you are just turning into a celeb!

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