Welcome to Writing in 3-D

This is for everyone who signed up for my workshop, Writing In 3-D, at Queens University on June 5. If you stumbled across this and you’re interested in signing up, here’s how to do that — the deadline to enroll is noon Friday. For those of you who have already signed up: Thanks. I think this’ll be fun.

Some logistical stuff:

Here’s a map of the Queens campus. The workshop is in Room 226 of the Sykes Learning Center, building 31. (Note that this is a change — it was originally scheduled for Sykes Auditorium.) I believe those of you who have signed up have already gotten information about parking. If not, email me.

Lunch is on your own. There are several good restaurants nearby (holler if you want any recommendations)… I’ll probably brown-bag it and sit outside somewhere if the weather’s nice. Feel free to hang out and chat.

You don’t need to read anything in advance… but here are a few things y’all might like that relate to some of what I’ll be talking about.

The comments on this blog post feature some of the best newspaper and magazine writers in the business owning up to their worst writing (the movie trailer at the beginning is funny in a most painful way).

This sweet, simple feature is beautifully written — but the real beauty here is a gifted reporter seeing what others wouldn’t have. (This is the best version I could find — sorry about all the ads.)

I have the first quote here taped to the top of my computer at work.

And finally, here’s an inspirational talk from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the bajillion-selling book “Eat, Pray, Love.” This video is about 19 minutes long. It’s worth it.

As Woody Allen said: 80 percent of success is showing up.

See y’all at the workshop.



One thought on “Welcome to Writing in 3-D

  1. She has 4 decades of work left? Who has tomorrow promised to them?

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