Twelve years ago today, we stood in front of our family and friends, me in a rented tuxedo, Alix in a dress she made herself.

Twelve years ago today, we looked each other in the eye and said “I will.”

Twelve years ago today, we slow-danced while everyone blew bubbles at us.

Twelve years ago today, we got in my old convertible and drove off into a new world.

Twelve years ago today and I still can’t believe my luck.


10 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Tomlinson. My husband and I just celebrated 35 years but we have been together for 40 if you count the “going steady” we did in Jr High and HS. Love your column in the CO but glad I found your website!

  2. Congratulations, many more to you, I challenge you to 38 yezrs. My husband and I have been laughing together for 38 yra.

  3. Simply a match made in heaven! You are both blessed immeasurably. Love to you both!

  4. Congratulations on twelve wonderful years together! It seems like only yesterday that I emailed you and congratulated you after you announced it in The CO! May you and the Mrs. have MANY MANY MORE wonderful years to come…

  5. Joni Mitchell: Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.
    But you ARE the lucky one because you see it/ Cheers.

  6. Aw, you guys! Happy, happy anniversary – invite me to your 25th and 50th, will ya? And don’t forget – the 50ths are published in the Observer AT NO CHARGE! I have every faith that you’l be in there on July 11, 2048

  7. Congratulations to you both!

  8. Beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

  9. …and may God Bless you with many, many more wonderful years. Nothing better than spending this life with your very best friend.

  10. And all this time I was thinking that Alix was the lucky one! Congratulations on finding the happiness you deserve! I still can’t believe MY luck and blessing with James after almost 33 years together.

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