What fixes you?

I was driving home Wednesday, feeling a little down, not sure why, and the Black Crowes’ “Jealous Again” came on the radio. Somehow it was exactly what I needed.

Their first two albums have been in my ears for 20 years now, and they always make me happy and glad to be alive and listening to music. And so I tweeted this when I got home:

Just about any problem I got, the first two Black Crowes records can fix.

Which gave me a thought.

What fixes you?

What do you turn to when you’re feeling bad that always makes you feel good?

It could be anything — a ballgame on TV, a photo album, an old dog, a stiff cocktail… whatever it takes.

I’ve been needing to spiff up the blog over here for a while now — I’ve got some upcoming projects that make more sense to mention here than in my regular spots at the Charlotte Observer. I’ve also been wanting to play around with some of the newer tools on the Web. So this makes sense as a way to do both.

Tonight I created a Tumblr called whatfixesyou.tumblr.com. It took about 10 seconds to start. But I need your help to fill it up. Tell me what fixes you.

You can leave a comment here or email me: tommy@tommytomlinson.com. Keep it simple — you don’t need to add all the backstory, just let me know what works. And if you can send along a photo or video or link, all the better. I’ll stick everything in the Tumblr and we’ll see what it looks like. I think it’ll probably look best if you add your name and where you’re from — “Jen from Cleveland” or “Bob from Alabama” or something like that. Pass it on to your friends if you’re so inclined.

Who knows? Maybe this becomes some strange and wonderful self-help manual. Or maybe it just becomes a place to talk about Black Crowes records. No harm, no foul. Drop me a line and let’s see where it goes.


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