New Job, First Day

The last time I started a new job, I was late to work the first day — stuck in Charlotte traffic. Today the commute was easier. About 12 steps from the bedroom to the home office.

Today I officially started working for Project X, which is not really called Project X — we just don’t have a name for the thing yet. It’s a new website born out of a joint venture between USA Today Sports Media Group and MLB Advanced Media. My good friend Joe Posnanski was the first writer they hired. I’m the second. They’ll have some more announcements about Project X soon, I think, and we’ll get the whole thing up off the ground this summer.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing here.

The tech guys with the new venture have spruced up the blog, and I’ve added some features. Holler if anything looks weird or there’s something missing. We’ll keep tinkering with this along and along, and at some point it’ll be folded into the new site.

My paid gig is to write about sports, and that’s what I’ll be doing when I’m on the clock. But from time to time I’ll probably throw in some other thoughts here about music, or a good book, or Fred the Wonder Dog, who is sleeping in the other room on this rainy spring morning.

This is going to be fun. Thanks for stopping by. More here soon.


15 thoughts on “New Job, First Day

  1. Tommy, it’s good to see you here.
    Tell the tech guys the Facebook Like button isn’t working. Mac OS X 10.6.8, Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52.
    I want to be able to share your stuff far and wide. And like Ann Helms said, it’s gonna be weird reading about sports 🙂

  2. Hmm, this is going to be a challenge. I almost never read sports. I always read your stuff. Maybe you should start a separate Random Goofy Stuff column for us non-sports people!

  3. I’ll follow you on your new career, IF you say something nice about the Cleveland Indians occasionlally.

  4. Best of luck on the new gig. A warning to you, I put “new website” and “x” into a google search and got some strange results.

  5. Best of luck Tommy! I”m sure you’ll set a pace the others will simply have to follow. Love your writing and looking forward to your articles.

  6. I’ll be following you Tommy. I am not much of a sports fan until it comes to the Yankees. I LOVE THE YANKEES. But I will read your new stuff. Who knows – I just might find a new sport to like. ( I do like to watch Tiger Woods). I hope you are very happy with your new job. Just don’t don’t get too bored and retrace those 12 steps back to bed.

  7. Congratulations Tommy!!! You make us all so very proud!!! So many issues in this genre to talk about. Such a small world; A friend of ours (whose father just happened to room with Raymond Mock’s brother in the military) is very close with Ray Easterling’s wife. Our Sunday school class has even helped over the last several months with his lawn, etc, as his dementia had kept him from being able to maintain routine yard maintenance. You probably know the story of how Ray has made the news with his lawsuit of the effects of ongoing concussions. After having rotator cuff/SLAP/Bicep repair surgery, multiple concussions and new helmet structures were big conversation topics.

    Your gift, intelligence, and love for people with bring new light and exposure into this much needed enterprise! Thanks for taking the challenge! Peace and blessings!! 🙂

  8. New day, new path, awesome

  9. Welcome back to writing, after a break of, what, 10 minutes? Best of luck in your new venture. With your talent you’ll succeed in whatever you want to. Love the cool, b/w look of the new blog logo.

  10. Congrats, Tommy. Looking forward especially to what you have to say about baseball — my personal favorite. Make sure you have MLB TV free with this new gig!

  11. You are one of the best writers I have ever known. I will follow you anywhere to read your brilliant words.

  12. Following you and happy to read your words this morning! It’s always been a nice way to start the day.

  13. Love your writing! Your column in the Observer was my favorite read of the week! I actually remember reading some of your stuff from the Lancaster News. Wishing you the best wherever you go!

  14. That’s my kind of workspace! Look forward to the new ‘project’ and your articles. Doc B

  15. Glad you are up and running! Good to know that you are not going to stick with sports 100% of the time. Hopefully with you explaining them, golf, soccer and hockey will finally make sense to me…Have always leaned more toward baseball and football myself…Look forward to reading your future posts…Welcome to that next chapter. Make us proud of you…

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