Donna Summer and the Relentless Groove

Disco and punk rock both hit in the ’70s, and I always thought they had a lot in common. Their fans felt like they didn’t fit in anywhere else. They had their own strict rules about what you should wear and how you should look. And they were both based on simple riffs — one or two chords, one or two beats, repeated over and over until they turned your body into a metronome.

The Ramones and Donna Summer were not that far apart.

Donna Summer died today, according to TMZ. She cast a wider net than most disco stars — she did some straight R&B and even a little rock. But in her best stuff she’s a voice floating above an unstoppable groove. “I Feel Love” was the simplest of all, and because of that, the greatest.  I bet Joey Ramone liked it.


3 thoughts on “Donna Summer and the Relentless Groove

  1. Wow, the divas are dropping like flies.

  2. Way too young – We did some great dancing moves to her music.

  3. Another part of my adolesence was permanently silenced today. Rest In Peace, Ms. Summer. You will no longer suffer or be in any pain…Thank you for the memories and thank you, Tommy, for remembering her and her legacy. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends…

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