Losing the Lottery

Gerald Henderson and the lowly Bobcats lost again — in Wednesday’s draft lottery. (US Presswire)

So you build a backward team — a team born to lose. They go 7-59, the worst record in NBA history. You end up with the best chance to get the first pick in what many people think is a one-player draft. Lottery night comes, and you survive all the way to the final two. The other team used to be in your town. They have the name that people still wish your team had, back when your city cared about pro basketball. Maybe, if you get the first pick, the city will care again.

They open the next-to-last envelope. It has your name on it.

The New Orleans Hornets get Anthony Davis. You are the Charlotte Bobcats. You lose. Again.


4 thoughts on “Losing the Lottery

  1. It could hardly be more pathetic and depressing for Bobcat Nation. What a kick in the teeth!

  2. Didn’t you leave the Observer? lol Sorry couldn’t resist as we miss your editorials in the CO.

  3. Matthew, great idea. We need to monetize this thing. Tom Petty on the soundtrack.

  4. Haha. Tommy. Longtime reader of your column in The Charlotte Observer. Any pull on getting a skydiving ad below your post about the Bobcats losing? Just seems appropriate that a free-falling ad accompanies such a sad story of a franchise falling to nothingness.

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