For a Moment, the Tiger of Old

He’s not back. Back means winning a major. Back means contending for more than one week in a row. Back means taking down Mickleson and McIlroy instead of Sabbatini and Romero. Most days that red Sunday shirt still looks like a scarlet letter, instead of a signal to the field that the lead bull is storming the course.

Nobody knows what Tiger Woods has left — probably including Tiger Woods. The odds of catching Jack Nicklaus get longer every week. But on Sunday, in Jack’s own tournament, Tiger had this: a magic trick, in front of millions. You wonder how he does it. You want to see him do it again.


One thought on “For a Moment, the Tiger of Old

  1. Hopefully the newly matured divorced father of two has finally settled down to business and worked through his past mistakes. Good to see remnants of the “old Tiger”, the golf pro, peeking out there somewhere. Now if the boy and the man can reconsile their differences he can have his career restored to some degree.

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