Three things I loved last weekend

Besides Saturday night’s college football, of course:

1. My friend Justin Heckert’s beautiful story in the New York Times Magazine on a girl in South Georgia who can’t feel pain. You might think that sounds like a wonderful life. But it turns out that, as her doctor says, pain is a gift. Here’s a conversation with her dad:

“Girl, what goes through your mind when you see someone hurt?” John asked her.

“I feel bad for them,” she said. “Because they go through the pain and I don’t. I would help them.”

“Define pain for you,” John said. “What does it mean for you?”

“I don’t know.”

“When you see someone else in pain, what do you associate?”

“That must really hurt.”

“What is hurt?”

Ashlyn squinted her eyes, as if in deep thought. She couldn’t answer him.

2. Les Miles’ postgame press conference after LSU survived against Ole Miss. Apparently someone chose that moment to ask if wide receiver Russell Shepard — a five-star recruit who has never become a star at LSU — is a “flop.” Miles’ response is everything about college football rolled up into one — the anger, the humor, the giddiness of a big game, the slight homophobia, the loyalty to your team. I hope Les Miles coaches forever.

3. Another Miles — Miles Davis — solos with the LCD Soundsytem from beyond the grave. Kermit the Frog is also involved. I have no idea how long it took to figure this out or put it all together. I’m just glad somebody had the idea.


One thought on “Three things I loved last weekend

  1. How awesome was Lew Miles’ speech :).

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