The book stack, February 2014

ImageI haven’t read much so far this year except for work. I’ve been hip-deep in a project that (knocks knuckles on head) you’ll be seeing in the next week or so. When that’s done, this glorious stack of books awaits. Several were Christmas and birthday gifts (thanks, everyone) and a few I just picked up over the past couple of months. Reminds me of pancakes. Mmmmm, literary pancakes.

I’m especially looking forward to two written by friends of mine: “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk” by Ben Montgomery, and “Trapped Under the Sea” by Neil Swidey. They’re tops on the list. Although I admit, I’ve already dipped into “Show Your Work!” by the great Austin Kleon — it’s a worthy follow-up to his first book, “Steal Like an Artist,” which is one of my favorites of the last two or three years.

Anything here look really good to you? And what are y’all reading these days?


3 thoughts on “The book stack, February 2014

  1. Wiley Cash, NC writer, first novel A Land More Kind than Home ‘DO NOT MISS THIS

  2. I got a Kindle for Christmas and have blown through several books. I can’t remember all of the titles, but some of them were autobiographies written by Gavin McLeod, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, and Penny Marshall. I still have three very overloaded bookshelves full of the paper and ink varieties and have donated some to a local library. Eventually I hope to donate most of my books to the library. I just have a hard time deciding which ones to toss and which ones to keep. Once an English major, always an English major…

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