New in the bookstack, 3/18


The stack of great-looking new books is getting out of control. Here are three of the latest to come in the mail:

“Vice Versa” by Allen Cowan is about a Southern private eye who’s after a bad guy trying to blackmail a TV preacher … but it’s also funny and dark and (as you can tell from the cover) sexy. Cowan is a private eye himself, so he knows the game, and he’s a former reporter for the Charlotte Observer, so he knows how to write.

“A Man Called Destruction” by Holly George-Warren is the first major bio of Alex Chilton, who hit it big as the singer for the Box Tops, influenced a million bands as the leader of Big Star, and then carved out a space as the shambling god of indie rock. Plus he did my favorite Christmas song. So, yeah, I can’t wait to read this.

My buddy Inman Majors also sent along his 2009 novel “The Millionaires,” which traces the lives of two rich and powerful Tennessee brothers going hard in the fast lane, about to lose it in the turn. Inman’s novel “Love’s Winning Plays” is one of the best and funniest books about college football I’ve ever read. More Inman in my life is a wonderful thing.

Which of these sound good to you? And what are y’all reading?


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