The Friday Wrap, 5/16/14

Hey y’all,


I spent most of the week grinding away on some stories that won’t be published for a while yet. In my newspaper life, most of the stories I wrote were published the next day — and then even faster than that as we moved into the digital age. That instant gratification felt good. But it feels even better to me to do something that might have a longer and deeper impact. Plus there’s just more flavor to the work when you give it some time. Bourbon tastes better than moonshine. Although I’ll grant that both can get you drunk.


Some Thoughts On Michael Sam, The NFL, And Manhood (Forbes)


Minus One (Sports On Earth) — I saw news this week that Devon Walker is graduating from Tulane. I was down there two years ago after he was paralyzed trying to make a tackle. This is the story I wrote back then. I still think about Devon a lot.


Mostly, Monday’s incredible episode of “Louie” that detailed, in detail that was raw and uncomfortable and true, what it’s like for an overweight woman to find love and happiness. As a fat guy, it echoed like a cathedral. Here’s one of many great interviews this week with Sarah Baker, the actress who got to speak the kind of dialog I’ve never heard on TV before.

GREAT READS (via my Twitter feed)


Sturgill Simpson, y’all. Like Merle Haggard on really good drugs.

Have a great weekend, everybody.







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