Greatest hits (so far)

Fred the Wonder Dog says: “He’s not that interesting, y’all — trust me, I live with the guy — but if you want more of his stuff, here it is. Do you smell liver? I definitely smell liver.”


This page has 10 of my best pieces from my years at the Charlotte Observer.

Here’s my Observer columnist page (while it still exists!). This has the last few months of columns I did for the paper.

Here’s the archive of the blog I did for the Observer.


Toomer’s Oaks, for Sports Illustrated.

9/11, for

Venus flytraps, for Garden & Gun.

Joey’s Pancake House, for Our State.


Chevy Van” appears in “Making Notes: Music of the Carolinas.

A Beautiful Find” and “Michael Kelley’s Obstacle Course” (part 1) (part 2) appear in “Best Newspaper Writing 2004.”

A Beautiful Find” appears in “America’s Best Newspaper Writing.”

The foreword “Bluegrass and Sweet Tea” appears in “North Carolina 24/7.”

Coming in August: an essay (about a kitten!) in “Strays.”


A reading of “Chevy Van,” accompanied by the great Steve Stoeckel of The Spongetones.

A reading of my column “Snow Fell.”

My going-away speech on my last day at the Observer.

An excerpt from one of my writing classes at Queens University of Charlotte. (For more on the classes, click here.)


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